Fee: $90.00/50 Minute Session if Paid by Cash or Check, $95.00 if Paid by Credit Card



In this appointment we review what we learned in the Breast Health Education appointment and then start using the massage and cupping (See Cupping Benefits) to treat the breast tissue. A typical session will consist of several minutes of breast cupping followed by the Lymphatic Self-breast Massage and then repeated several times during the 50” session. We discuss the care plan of the client and introduce additional methods for breast health. Many times, our clients are being monitored by a holistic/integrative chiropractor, natural path and / or integrative physicians. The client’s plan may include developing a relationship with a Health Coach, adding numerous integrative therapies, far infrared saunas, castor oil packs, vibrational therapies, PEMF, colonics, acupuncture, chiropractic care, exercise and counseling.