Fee: $95.00 / 75 Minute Session if Paid by cash/cash/card



This appointment is designed for the any woman that seeks the tools and knowledge to monitor and care for their breast health. Many women have decided to have a thermogram thru Holistic Breast Health  but it is not required for this educational appointment.

In this appointment:

  • They will be introduced to the Lymphatic System
  • They will be taught how to do Manual Lymphatic Drainage for their breast health
  • They will review thermogram if they had one
  • They will be given and taught a Breast Exam designed by Bruce Rind, MD
  • They will be able to identify the variances in their breast tissue so as to monitor themselves
  • They will be instructed on a Lymphatic Self-Breast Massage
  • They will be introduced to, and demonstrated how Cupping improves breast health