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Foundation in Breast Massage is Prerequisite to Breast Health  (Advanced) 16hr class

Course Description

The class is designed to educate any individual (male or female) (therapist or not) about breast health and breast concerns. The class will cover information that will assist everyone to incorporate breast massage into their life / their massage practice and relationships. The class will cover the ethical concerns with touching breast tissue. Individuals/therapists will review the Rules and Regulations required by North Carolina Rules and Regulations. (This does not serve as an Ethics Class- See Ethics: Breast Massage above) The class will go into the basic knowledge of the lymphatic system and the techniques to prepare the individual/therapists/clients lymphatic system prior to beginning breast massage. The class will cover the importance of hydration and its relationship to a healthy body and proper lymphatic flow. An introduction to thermography, mammography, ultra sound and MRI will be included. The risk factors for breast disease and how to better prevent breast disease will be introduced. The class will help the individual/therapist better understand how overall improved health impacts the breast health. The class will teach the individual/therapist how to do basic Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) at the clavicular and axillary areas and massage techniques for the breast while fully draped. You do not have to be a massage therapist to take this class. It is available to anyone for general education about breast care. Foundation in Breast Massage is a prerequisite for the Breast Health (Advanced), Breast Exam, Lymphatic Drainage and Massage

Classes Friday 12:00pm –5:30pm, 5 CEUs, $130.00

August 9, 2019

October 11, 2019

February 7, 2020

April 3, 2020

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