Fees:    $100.00/50 Minute Session if Paid by Check or Cash,  $105.00/50 Minute  if paid by Credit Card

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The lymphatic system drains excess fluid and toxins that accumulate in tissues and organs. It transports water, proteins, lipids, white blood cells, hormones, nutrients and waste into the blood stream. A healthy lymphatic system equates to a healthy immune system.  On the other hand, a deficient lymphatic circulation may weaken and intoxicate the body, creating various health issues such as poor recovery from plastic surgery, poor breast health, swelling, weight gain, skin problems, premature aging, pain etc. With a succession of gentle, rhythmic and pumping movements, lymphatic drainage facilitates cleansing, detoxification, decongestion and improves tissue health.

  • Promotes Breast Health
  • Pre and Post Surgery
  • Liposuction / Tummy Tucks / Brazilian Butt Lifts (BBL) / Face Lifts
  • Breast augmentation / Reduction / Explant / Re-Implant
  • Reduce anxiety, depression
  • Relieve chronic pain
  • Treat headaches
  • Reduce lymphedema/swelling
  • Reduce nausea and vomiting
  • Reduce muscle tension
  • Promote sleep and relaxation
  • Supports the immune system
  • Detoxification of the body
  • Reduces mastitis
  • Promotes overall health
  • And more