"Breast Health Is Utterly Simple"
Home Parties

Effie Spurlin has been empowering women to be proactive in their breast health for over six years, encouraging woman to truly get in touch with their own breast tissue. Please, join us in a creative and enjoyable way to help your friends and family to take proactive steps in preventing breast disease.

She is now providing you an opportunity to invite your friends and family members ( women only!!) to gather in your home for a breast health education party. Yes, …. I said a “BREAST HEALTH EDUCATION PARTY!!!!” NO, YOU DON’T HAVE TO EXPOSE YOUR BREAST TISSUE, but you will be invited to wear appropriate attire that will allow you access to your breast tissue. Effie will share with you some simple techniques to identify areas of possible concerns well before they will ever show up on other test. She will teach you three simple steps to clear your lymphatic system and how to massage your breast to clear out unwanted congestion.

Let’s have some refreshments and have some fun because BREAST HEALTH IS UTTERLY SIMPLE. I quarantine you will feel differently about yourself and have a newfound appreciation for breast health.

It is time to stop this disease. You can make a difference today, right now!

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