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effie spurlin breast health

Effie J. Spurlin
L.M.B.T. NC#501

national certification board therapeutic massage
NCBTMB #1366

Effie is a Licensed Massage and Body Therapist, Breast Health Education Coach, Lymphatic Drainage therapist, CranioSacral (CST), SomatoEmotional (SER), Pediatric CranioSacral therapist and Teacher Assistant with the Upledger Institute and a  Member of The International Association of Healthcare Practitioners. She is a Certified Face Reflexogogist, Temprana Specialist, Tibetan Neck-Scalp Therapist, a member of NC Reflexology Association and The International Institute of Facial Reflexology, Barcelona Spain. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Biology from the University of Louisville, KY and worked as a Pulmonary Function Technician and Certified Respiratory Therapist.

She has been a Licensed Massage and Body Worker, L.M.B.T., in Charlotte, NC since 1999 where she has incorporated alternative healing techniques of CranioSacral (CST), SomatoEmotional (SER), Intra-Oral Mouth work, Lymphatic Drainage, Breast Health Education with Thermography, Cancer Massage, Medi-Cupping, Face Reflexology, Reiki, Temprana Therapy and Therapeutic Massage into her practice.

Her practice serves as an adjunct to Medical, Chiropractic and Dental care, Physical, Speech, Vision and Occupational Therapies. As her experience expands, she has developed a passion in several very specialized areas.

She partners with Gaye Walden with Holistic Breast Health to give women a more comprehensive breast exam, empowering them to be aware of how their breasts feel so they can be alerted if changes happen.  She assists women to be proactive toward better breast health: literally, getting into touch with their own breasts.

With Lymphatic Drainage, she helps with pre and post surgeries: Liposuction, Tummy Tucks, Face Lifts, Beast Augmentations/Reductions and other surgeries.

Effie works with clients to release restrictions in the neck, shoulders, mouth. and Central Nervous System . Using her expertise in internal mouth work, CranioSacral Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage, Reflex therapy and massage she assists in the release of pain and restrictions in the mouth, neck and shoulders, Temporomandibular Joint, (TMJ), Headache and Clenching (Bite) Disorders, Ankyloglossia (Tongue Tie) and assist in reducing snoring. Effie treats children and adults of all ages.

Her education in the healing arts started many years ago as she grew into a more conscious awareness of her own healing journey. She is grateful to be able to offer her clients an opportunity to be “heard”…. and to assist them in their journey to healthIntr-oral

Susanne Boatwright-Young
BSN, RN, L.M.B.T. NC #04646

L.M.B.T. NC #04646

national certification board therapeutic massage
NCBTMB #451648-11
Susanne Boatwright Young thermographer

Susanne is a South Carolina Register Nurse, North Carolina Licensed Massage and Body Therapist, Licensed Reiki Master/Teacher with the Reiki Education and Research Institute – Charlotte NC, a Lymphatic Drainage Therapist and Breast Health Educator. She has worked at the Ballantyne Spa and Resort since 2004. She graduated from Southeastern Institute of Neuromuscular and Massage in 2004 and taught at Southeastern Institute of Neuromuscular and Massage from 2007 to 2017. She graduated with her Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 1996 from East Carolina University and completed her Reiki Master in 2012.

Susanne has worked as an RN from 1996 to 2005 in the Medical system providing care in the Behavior Services, Mental Health and Psychiatric Departments for adults and children. She was introduced to massage therapy after living with chronic pain for 10 years from an auto accident in her late teens. This prompted her to expanded her educational background into neuromuscular therapy. Graduating from Southeastern Institute of Neuromuscular and Massage broadened her understanding of the value of Eastern and Western medicines combined.

She provides very specialized services, Massage, Neuromuscular Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage and Cupping.

She provides Neuromuscular support for those in chronic/acute pain, head, neck and shoulder pain and restrictions, migraines, scoliosis, carpel tunnel syndrome, plantar fasciitis, scar tissue release and all structural concerns.

She uses Lymphatic Drainage and Cupping to help woman’s breast health. She teaches woman how to do a better Breast Exams, Breast Massage, and uses Cupping to assist women to be proactive toward better breast health.

Lymphatic Drainage and Cupping is used with pre and post surgeries: breast cancer, mastectomies, breast augmentation/reduction, liposuction, tummy tucks, Brazilian Butt Lifts (BBL’s) and additional plastic surgeries.

She has a passion to help her clients broaden their understanding of self-healing, empowering her clients with options to better health through the Mind, Body and Spirit connection.

Renuka Hari Licensed massage therapist

Renuka Hari
L.M.B.T. NC#15993
L.M.T. SC#10212
NCBTMB #607837-11

Renuka Hari is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Board certified at national level with NCBTMB, licensed in both NC and SC states, is also an Esthetician and a Reiki Master. She’s been practicing massage therapy and Reiki for 10 years now and has been an esthetician since 2015.

Renuka moved to NC in 2016 after practicing in California for 7 years in women’s health and wellness. She uses an Integrative approach in both massage and skincare which looks at the human body in a “wholistic” manner while combining her Eastern culture and knowledge with Western training and modalities.

For her, this means learning as well as putting into practice such diverse modalities like Ayurvedic massage, Therapeutic Massage for stress relief and pain management and Post Natal, Lymphatic work to help pre and post-surgery work of all kinds, Myofascial Release, Reflexology of feet , hands and face, Medi-cupping and energy work like Reiki and Chakra Balancing. Losing both her parents to cancer made her decide to get certified in Oncology Massage in order to help people with cancer, which she has been doing since 2012. She’s also listed as a Preferred Practitioner with S4OM – Society for Oncology Massage.

Renuka completed Effie Spurlin’s Breast Health and Education courses and she feels that these courses helped her bridge a gap that not only actually allowed her to touch the breast tissue, but also to teach and empower women. Providing women, the knowledge to learn about their breast, which was missing in her Oncology massage training, considering breast cancer patients were her most repeat clients.

Renuka discovered the wonderful therapeutic effects of massage therapy while trying to recover from an auto accident some 13 years back. She believes it was massage therapy that got her moving again, in spite of undergoing physical therapy. So, it was not surprising that massage therapy came to mind when she decided to switch careers at that time. Also, it must be mentioned that practicing massage runs in her family. Her grandmother used her “healing touch” along with her knowledge of traditional Indian herbal medicine called Ayurveda, Chakras and diet to help others feel better. Today she gets guidance from her aunt who is quite knowledgeable in these traditions.

Now in her 10th year, this path of massage as a form of therapy, she feels that learning never really ends. By partnering with Effie who’s very encouraging and supportive in helping her learn and explore different ways to help women reach their health goals, she’s sure that every day will bring new learning experiences which is very fulfilling.
Putting together all that she’s learned and giving this right back to her clients is the highest form of satisfaction that Renuka derives from her work.

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